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 Musharraf, a leech of a dictator

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Musharraf, a leech of a dictator Empty
PostSubject: Musharraf, a leech of a dictator   Musharraf, a leech of a dictator Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 2:57 pm

Dictators are surely a shameless bunch but Pakistani dictator Musharraf is made of some of the lowliest stuff. He knows no respect at all. He and his collaborators including MQM (please see note below) have been soundly defeated making it very clear that the people want to get rid of him but he continues to cling on to power.

It is amazing that Pakistan’s armed forces despite the fact that he has brought a bad name to them would still support him in his office that he has illegally occupied since October 1999. It is even more disgusting to see the behavior of Pakistani politicians who are busy in politicking but are dillydallying in reinstating the pre-November 3 judiciary and taking a stand to dislodge the dictator from his usurped position.

Political leaders must understand that they have been elected to bring a real change in the country and not to continue with their old games, corruption, forgiving and forgetting each other’s crimes and taking everybody on board even the people and the groups involved in heinous offenses. The leaders must also understand that the people are not as ignorant today as they were some time back and that they don’t have an unbounded or limitless patience. They could soon rise against their inaction, disregard for the mandate, corruption and inability to provide good governance. They should fear the day.
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Musharraf, a leech of a dictator
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